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Our Mission 

Our mission is assisting individuals, business owners and their advisors on life insurance and its many faceted applications.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients. We strive to understand your financial situation and provide you with accurate and objective information.

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Our Philosophy

"We don't make business decisions for our clients.  We provide all the necessary information and alternatives so that they can make informed, intelligent decisions on their own."

About Sachman Mooney

We specialize in estate and business succession planning, comprehensive life insurance policy audits, sophisticated life insurance applications and guaranteed lifetime income strategies.


Objective product recommendations. We are self-employed, independent practitioners.


Dedicated students of the life insurance business.


Years of combined experience in the life insurance business.

Terrell H. Sachman, CLU, CHFC

Chicago, Illinois

Matthew A. Mooney

Cleveland, Ohio

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Why Sachman Mooney?

Most agents provide illustrations assuming an underwriting risk class, (i.e. standard, preferred, preferred best). They may not actually be able to deliver the policy at that price.

We require our clients to release their medical records to us as well as to the insurance companies. We have our clients pre-underwritten informally first. Then we know with certainty which company is offering the most favorable risk classification. This is primary to the actual product evaluation. This information is not submitted to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), thereby maintaining your complete privacy. No formal application is signed and no medical exam is taken until our client decides to move forward.

When necessary, we employ independent third party underwriters and highly credentialed medical experts to assist in obtaining the best possible underwriting.

Our Process

for acquiring life insurance coverage


We perform a comprehensive life insurance audit that gathers all the necessary information to fully examine both policy performance and elements of risk.


We explore possible alternatives that are more aligned with your goals. We have our clients pre-underwritten informally first, which allows us to know with certainty which company is offering the most favorable risk classification.


When a favorable alternative is identified we then begin the formal underwriting process.

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